Most of my art pieces are made using traditional lead ‘came’, a technique that dates back hundreds of years and is often seen in church windows and other significant buildings. The methods used in the making of stained glass panels has changed very little over time and I enjoy the feeling that I am connecting with skilled artisans of a bygone era to create modern stained glass art pieces that sit comfortably within contemporary environments.


Stained glass is a unique art medium that is never static. As it continually responds to changes in light levels, colours come alive to illuminate the space and reflect the true beauty of the colours. Modern glass production methods mean that there is an infinite variety of colour and texture to choose from and the natural organic quality of the glass makes each piece of art unique.


Many of my pieces incorporate etched images. Every image is cut and etched by hand, making each art piece completely bespoke. Occasionally the glass pieces are wrapped in copper foil which allows for smaller detail or more intricate glass hangings. Pieces are completed either with a wooden stand or hanging loops. 

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